Mutterland: a fine and funky 100% German deli

Mutterland: a fine and funky 100% German deli

A paradise for discerning palates, this shop offers a variety of delicious local products

In his lumberjack shirt and perfectly trimmed beard, Jan Schawe looks like a young man. His secret? Good food! Almost ten years ago, the designer opened the Mutterland delicatessen—a tribute not to Germany but to his own mother. The shop celebrates national products, 80% of them from Hamburg. His good taste, aesthetics, and humour blend cheerfully on the shelves, where bottles of organic, fair-trade, Hamburg-made “Lemonaid” sit next to others by Schmack Schnick. Further down are jars of Fiete dark-chocolate spread, with a handsome sailor on their labels, alongside pretty pots of Käthe milk chocolate. Sweet or savoury, all these delicacies are bundled up before your eyes in a pretty paper closed with a sewing machine. You can also lunch at Mutterland Stammhaus, near the Central Station (at No. 9 on Ernst-Merck-Straße).

Mutterland City
Poststraße 14-16
20354 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 3500 4360