Museum of Pre-Columbian gold: the riches of Costa Rica

Museum of Pre-Columbian gold: the riches of Costa Rica

The country is best known for its well-preserved fauna and flora. But it hides a treasure in the centre of the capital: the Museum of Pre-Columbian gold.

Columbus was not completely wrong when he decided to name the lands of Central America ‘Costa Rica', thinking they were full of gold. In reality, they were not as rich in the precious metal as he'd thought. Yet some 1,600 archaeological pieces have been dazzling visitors for 50 years, since the museum opened, under the authority of the central bank that owns it. They open up a window to the worldview of pre-Columbian peoples who shaped them between 500 BC and 1500 AD, as they reflect social structures, goldsmithing techniques, and the relationship of man with nature through, for example, many depictions of animals. The exhibition is completed by ancient coin collections, ceramics, and objects from the different ethnic peoples who have lived in Costa Rica.

Museo del Oro Precolombino
Calle 5
Plaza de la Cultura
San José

+506 2243 4202