Muoki, gastronomy's latest generation

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Muoki, gastronomy's latest generation

In Gangnam, one of Seoul's most famous districts, Muoki reinvents food into a truly unusual gourmet experience.

As soon as it opened, Muoki has established itself as a pioneer of creative gastronomy in Seoul. The restaurant pays tribute to South Africa, from the decoration to the plate. Muoki means “oak” in Afrikaans, just like the tree under which chef James Park used to relax during his training years in Cape Town. As of now, he turned his establishment into a real tasting laboratory, pushing the boundaries of his very technical cuisine. In his eyes, one ingredient offers a wide range of flavours that are just asking to be explored. The restaurant's signature dish thus unveils seven different methods of cooking tomatoes. This singular gastronomical experience is magnified by the cosy atmosphere and the pared-down decor that highlights the colourful work of art that takes centre stage in your plate. Between each course of the meal, keep an eye on the open-plan kitchen, where the “artists” are hard at work on your next dish. An exploration of new flavours, totally unheard of!

38-4 Cheongdam-dong

+82 10 2948 4171 

Menu: from 60,000 KRW