Mr. Bartley's: an American institution

Mr. Bartley's: an American institution

Any Bostonian will tell you Mr. Bartley's burgers are the best in the city. This love story has lasted for more than 50 years.

You have to go to Harvard to get to know the quintessential American sandwich, the hamburger. Mr. Bartley's produces the best in Boston. This typical diner has been the favourite of college students and celebrities for half a century: Johnny Cash, Jackie Onassis, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Al Pacino have all had a burger here.

The recipe for this family success is relatively simple: meat of incomparable freshness, cooked to perfection, cooked onions, and 30 different combinations of toppings, each a nod and a wink to an American icon. You can choose from the Obama and the Donald Trump to the Beyoncé and the iPhone burger…

Mr. Bartley's
1246 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

+1 617 354 6559

Menu: around 16,50 USD