Mesmerising Essaouira

Mesmerising Essaouira

A three-hour drive from Agadir, Essaouira the "well guarded", is a cultural destination and seaside town lined with white sand, and a white medina.

Nestled behind fortified walls, facing the ocean, the 17th century medina offers a magical sight visible from miles away. Pure white, dotted with doors and ultramarine blue shutters, the straight-line houses resemble large white hanging cubes. This fantastic example of urbanism, unique in Morocco, was classified as a world heritage site by Unesco in 2001.
A city with cultural and commercial inclination, the former Mogador was the first sardine port in the world for a long time. Since then, Essaouira still lives to the rhythm of the tides. Feel the soul of the city, and wander through its narrow streets, get lost in the colourful souks, admire its red ramparts which stand around the traditional casbah, visit its many art galleries, admire the marquetry work of the local craftsmen, and enjoy the beaches as far as the eye can see - paradise for surfers and windsurfers. A magical city, quite simply!

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