Memorial Park: between nature and history

Memorial Park: between nature and history

In the heart of West Houston, Memorial Park offers a wonderful recreational and cultural land over 600 hectares.

Memorial Park is Houston's largest public urban park, heaven for athletes who can take their pick between tennis, 18 hole golf, swimming, croquet, volleyball and skating. In the morning, you are likely to come across joggers you take advantage of the fresh atmosphere to run along the Seymour Lieberman path, an equipped fitness trail of 2.5 miles.

For lunch, you'll find families gathering over at Memorial Park Picnic Loop. In the evening right before sunset, you can recharge your batteries and breathe some fresh air in the woods. But if you pay attention to the history of the park, you'll notice it actually is a place of reverence. Soldiers during WW1 came to practice before being sent to the front. Today, is serves as Memorial to the dead.

Memorial Park
Washington Avenue
77007 Houston

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