Mazel Tov, Mediterranean flavours in Hungary

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Mazel Tov, Mediterranean flavours in Hungary

In the popular District 7, brimming with typical “ruin bars”, this Mediterranean grill and street food restaurant comes out of hiding.

The facade reveals a ruin bar similar to the nearby streets of the old Jewish neighbourhood. Once you push the raw wood door into the lobby and its old walls, Mazel Tov opens up to a large and enchanting chic-industrial space with a glass roof and suspended plants that cover the footbridge leading to the first floor. Seating on turquoise iron-wrought chairs, food lovers come to share Mediterranean food, from Morocco to Israel.
In the back of the room, a gaming area welcomes kids, who need not be asked twice to have fun together. On the wooden tables, waiters serve all kinds of grilled food, Mazel Tov's speciality: shawarma, spicy merguez sausage, beef skewers, duck breast and so on… The restaurant also draws inspiration from Levantine street food to fill up the menu, with hummus, falafels and grilled eggplant that will please young and old alike.

Mazel Tov
Akácfa u. 47
1072 Budapest

+36 70 626 4280

Menu: around 3,070 HUF