Maynats - When Two Friends Meet Up in the Kitchen

Maynats - When Two Friends Meet Up in the Kitchen

Overlooked by the Pau Castle, two young cooking prodigies (one for the salty, one for the sweets) reinvent high gastronomy in a cool way.

This is the story of two friends, two maynats (meaning “boys”, “kids” or “children” in Bearnese) who met at the Tarbes hospitality high school before heading off to commandeer the greatest restaurants in France. Today, Gautier Alvarez and Jonathon Vallenari meet again behind the stoves of their own restaurant, in front of the Hédas fountain in Pau. The style is industrial and green, with raw-wood tables, a copper chandelier, and an original gutter hanging on the wall, garnished by a floral arrangement. On your plate, you will find that same mix of the raw and the natural, because the products are enhanced by a simple presentation, one that bets on surprising flavour combinations. The ingredients are thus listed in the names of each dish on the menu, which is short and seasonal, like the “Fish from the market - sunchoke - citrus - pig's feet” or perhaps the “duckling - onion squash - shells – calamansi”. Each plate is well thought out and balanced: everything is cooked to perfection and the flavours are laid out with remarkable precision. Proof of its quality, Maynats was awarded two toques from Gault and Millau not long after its opening.

3 rue du Hédas
64000 Pau

+33 (0)5 59 27 68 65

Menu: around 43 EUR