MATE: a cultural centre started by Mario Testino

MATE: a cultural centre started by Mario Testino

A native of Lima, multi-talented photographer Mario Testino has always fascinated the glamourous scene.

Famous all over the world for his joint efforts with the high priestess of porno chic Carine Roitfeld, Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino often makes the headlines with his Vogue covers and celebrity portraits, including some for Madonna and Kate Moss. The innovative photographer has opened a museum and foundation in the gallery and antique district of Barranco. Many of the large format photographs on the walls promote the art and culture of Peru. The MATE program also includes an ambitious lecture series and a dynamic program centred on painting and photography. Emerging and established artists—Vik Muniz, Julian Schnabel, and Cindy Sherman, to name just three—have been among the invited guests.

MATE Museo Mario Testino
Pedro de Osma 409
Lima 15063

+51 (0)1 251 7755