Marine adventure on a stand-up paddle

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Marine adventure on a stand-up paddle

You watch the slender silhouettes glide over the water with disconcerting ease, but never dared to try. Let us fix that: head to Vancouver!

Polynesian sportsmen travelled on wide planks of wood and, equipped with a paddle, took the waves like modern surfers. Now a fashionable sport, stand up paddleboarding will let you explore the lagoons and archipelagos of the world, standing on a rigid or inflatable board. The discipline is diversified and the material adapts to different uses— excursions, races, fishing and even yoga classes.

Propel yourself with your paddle and let yourself be carried away by the movement of waves in the lakes and harbours of Vancouver, balancing between the fear of falling and the views of sumptuous landscapes. Venture into another dimension of Vancouver: discover False Creek, gaze at Lighthouse Park, and row along the emerald waters of Alpha and Alta Lakes. Attached by a security leash, you will gracefully sail on the beaches of Jericho, Kitsilano or Chesterman in Tofino.

Jericho Beach
Vancouver, BC V6R 1B5

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