Mansarda: fine cuisine overlooking St. Isaac's

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Mansarda: fine cuisine overlooking St. Isaac's

Gilded and beautiful, the Mansarda restaurant is also famous for its cuisine.

The Quattro Corti business centre stands on Pochtamtskaya ulitsa, between the Neva river and the pier of the Moika river. Inside this glass building, take the elevator to the sixth floor. It's a strange place for a restaurant, yet this is where the Mansarda set up home, with a large glass room that offers breathtaking views over the roofs of the city and the golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

In summer, the beautiful terrace that surrounds the restaurant opens. With attentive service and a varied menu, the Mansarda attracts a young and hip local clientele. At blonde-wood tables, they dine on international, Asian-influenced cuisine: sushi mingle with seabass ceviche, beef borsch with a hot shrimp soup, and a truffle focaccia with some caviar. Incredibly talented, chef Dmitry Bogachev also provides an excellent wine list in perfect pairing with your dish. There is no better way to transcend your stay in Saint Petersburg.

Business Center Quattro Corti
Pochtamtskaya ulitsa 3
190000 Sankt-Peterburg

+7 812 640 1616

Menu: around 3,000 RUB