Maní Manioca: discover Brazilian fusion cuisine

Maní  Manioca: discover Brazilian fusion cuisine

In 2014, Helena Rizzo was voted best female chef in the world, reason enough for a dinner at this iconoclastic chef's restaurant.

She is only 38 years old and was not predestined to become a chef. Born into a family of architects, Helena Rizzo began her career as a model. During her travels, she discovered cooking and decided to learn the techniques in Italy and Spain. She met her husband, chef Daniel Redondo, In Barcelona.

Back in São Paulo, they opened Maní Manioca in 2006. Their food is like Brazil, a mix of origins and influences. Cassava is the material for making gnocchi and ravioli; corn meal becomes semolina and accompanies fish. Coconut enhances steamed vegetables and bite sized octopus. You will be surprised, but never disappointed, by all these uninhibited associations of flavours, which have earned her international recognition. But be sure to book a few days in advance.

Maní Manioca
Rua Jouquim Antures 210
Jardim Paulistino
São Paulo 05415-010

+55 (0)11 0385 4148

Menu: around 250 BRL