Manga Art Hotel, bedtime with a book in hand!

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Manga Art Hotel, bedtime with a book in hand!

Lovers of Japanese comic books will be comfortably installed in the capsules of the Manga Art Hotel. A library in a hotel, for nights of reading ahead!

Thematic hotels are aplenty in Tokyo. This one is of particular interest to comic book enthusiasts. Designed for solo travellers, the Manga Art Hotel installed its capsules (tiny bedrooms no larger than the size of the mattress, much more affordable than regular hotel rooms) amidst the bookshelves of its library, full of more than 5,000 manga titles. Many are available in their original Japanese editions, but some are also in English for kanji beginners (kanji being the logographic characters of the Japanese writing system).

Literally curled up in your nest, in either single or double bed, you only need to reach for a book to start it out. Manga Art Hotel offers 35 rooms spread over two floors – one for men and one for women – as well as showers looking like a spacecraft, and obviously free Wi-Fi. In case you feel lost among all these books, the hotel staff can guide you and point to custom selections. It is even possible to leave with a personal favourite under your arm. There you are, ready to read all night, maybe until daybreak when you can access the green balcony to admire the sun rising over Tokyo.

Manga Art Hotel
4F 5F, 1 Chome−14−13 Kanda Nishikicho
Chiyoda City
101-0054 Tokyo

+81 3 3525 8701

Rooms: from 2,940 JPY