Mama Shelter on Toulouse time

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Mama Shelter on Toulouse time

Mama Shelter has settled into a new location in the heart of Toulouse near the Pierre Goudouli garden, and is paying tribute to the pink city at every opportunity.

With Mama Shelter's distinctive candy pink and raspberry frontage, you would be hard-pressed not to notice the stylish, trendy hotel chain's new home in Toulouse. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but still just a ten-minute walk to the Capitole, the hotel has become part of the fabric of local life. Look up as you step inside to see a work of art by Beni Lloyds bright against the black chalkboard ceiling of its bar and restaurant. It pays homage to life in Toulouse, and there is plenty of fun to be had spotting words in Occitan, references to the Garonne, and lyrics from songs by Claude Nougaro. The building itself is one of the former cinemas so typical of the area, and it too has been celebrated by its new occupant with CinéMama, a private space reserved for hotel and restaurant guests. As one last tribute to Toulouse, there is the rooftop bar: head up at sunset and you will find not only a pizza oven and cart filled with homemade ice creams and sorbets, but also unrivalled views of the pink city ablaze in the day's last rays of sunshine.

Mama Shelter Toulouse
54-56 boulevard Lazare Carnot
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 31 50 50 05

Rooms: from 79 EUR