Make your escape to the J. Parker

Make your escape to the J. Parker

Delicious and amazing cocktails and breath-taking views—The J. Parker promises you an unforgettable evening.

If you ask which is the best rooftop in Chicago, the answer will be: The J. Parker. And since the view is worth the trip, you will have to travel up to the very last floor of the Lincoln Hotel. From here, Lincoln Park stretches out under your feet, with its wooded alleys and waterways, beyond which, all of Lake Michigan stretches out to the horizon.

The J. Parker offers a few dishes, but the cocktails are the stars. Each signature cocktail is inspired by a country or region: Thailand, Mexico, Spain, India, Argentina and California. The Italian cocktail, ‘Emerald Mountain', is a must, with its mixture of whiskey, pistachio, apricot and lemon, it offers some unexpected flavours.

Sit on the chairs or the sofas, which are close to the bay windows. You can spend the evening remaking the world, cocktail in hand, in front of this breath-taking view.

The J. Parker
1816 North Clark Street
13th Floor
Chicago, IL 60614

+1 312 254 4747

Cocktail: 13 USD