Light up your nights at Isabel

argentinean - bar-club-restaurant
Light up your nights at Isabel

In the heart of London, time for some good food at this new Albemarle Street spot. Welcome to Isabel.

There is so much light in this new London address, signed Juan Santa Cruz! From the bar stools to the gilded ceiling, Isabel shines brightly. Bar, restaurant and club, it meets all the desires of visitors and Londoners alike, who come to taste the chef's dishes with an Argentine influence, and share a carefully mixed cocktail, or dance to furious rhythms.

From the mirrored, ebony bar to the hand-painted wallpaper of the restrooms, every detail of the establishment impresses. Sit comfortably on one of the black velvet banquettes, and get ready for a salad of sweet corn, spring onions, chilli, parsley and pomegranate, then a salmon fillet confit served with some dill dressing. Book a table as soon as you can!

26 Albemarle Street
London W1S 4HY

+44 (0)20 3096 9292

Menu: around 30 GBP