Les Mamelles lighthouse, iconic festive rooftop in Dakar

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Les Mamelles lighthouse, iconic festive rooftop in Dakar

Prominent point in town and national symbol, the Mamelles lighthouse was modernised and turns its panoramic rooftop into a bar when night sets in.

A major Senegalese monument built in 1864, the Mamelles lighthouse is perched atop the higher of the two eponymous hills. High on top, you will enjoy a 360° view over Dakar, the Cape Verde peninsula and the spread of the ocean. Since it was renovated in 2016, the rooftop is open at night on the weekends for passing night owls. In a cosy atmosphere, enjoy pre-dinner drinks comfortably seated on one of the “recycled” sofas, assembled from recovered pallets, just like the coffee tables. Enjoy a cocktail in a setting surrounded by citrus and palm trees and lit by oil lamps. Take in the unforgettable views over the city and the sea while listening to a DJ set or dancing to a disco concert. A magical moment in one of the most beautiful spots of the country.

Les Mamelles lighthouse
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