Learn how to dance the samba like a real Carioca

Learn how to dance the samba like a real Carioca

Take advantage of being in Rio to learn the samba, a dance that is part of Brazil's cultural heritage

For men and women around the world, samba is one of the strongest symbols of Brasilian culture, especially during Rio's famous carnival. A fully developed dance that requires every part of the body, it is taught from an early age among Cariocas. In the city, Casa de Dança – Carlinhos de Jesus is considered as one of the best, teaching “samba no pé” (solo dancing) as well as “samba de gafieira” (as a couple). Make sure to practice a few words in Portuguese beforehand, as lessons take place in local idioms. For English teaching, head to the Rio Samba Dancer, specialized in teaching passing visitors. After some basic training, your teacher for a night will take you to Lapa, Rio's bohemian neighbourhood, where samba is danced in clubs and sometimes even right on the street. A perfect opportunity to practice and fully integrate local culture.

Casa de Dança – Carlinhos de Jesus
Rua Álvaro Ramos, 11
Rio de Janeiro 22280-110
+55 (0)21 2541 6186

Rio Samba Dancer
R. Francisco Otaviano, 61
Rio de Janeiro 22040-080
Tel : +55 (0)21 98229 2843