Le Miretti Gascon: an authentic, hearty, family-run restaurant

Le Miretti Gascon: an authentic, hearty, family-run restaurant

At Le Miretti Gascon, a Nouméa institution established by the Miretti family, treat yourself to hearty, delicious dishes such as seafood, stuffed crab or house foie gras.

Opened in 1969 and only a stone's throw from the Henry Milliard racecourse, Le Miretti Gascon is a family-run restaurant which fans of classic French cooking will love. With trocas (scallops), clams and shrimp options, the menu is a real celebration of seafood. There's fish, too: mahi-mahi (common dolphinfish), loach (grouper), picot (surgeonfish) and vinaneau (snapper). Chef Jean-Michel Parc also creates delicious dishes inspired by Gascony, a southwestern region of France. Foie gras, duck breast, tournedos rossini and frogs' legs all hold pride of place on the menu. In addition to these core dishes, which form the basis for the restaurant's reputation, the chef also creates specials with ingredients carefully selected from the market or delivered by local suppliers. Dishes are prepared with love, and served in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The hospitality and service are just like the cooking: warm and homely. They also offer a wide selection of dishes to take away.

Le Miretti Gascon
24 rue Gabriel Laroque

Tel : +687 26 40 41


Menu: around 2,680 XPF