Le Lieu Unique: a Nantais must

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Le Lieu Unique: a Nantais must

Sixteen years ago, the architect Patrick Bouchain designed a multifaceted cultural centre in the old LU biscuit building that has become a national stage.

Facing the Castle of the Dukes along the St Felix canal, close to the railway station, the building can be seen from afar thanks to its old Art Nouveau-style tower, which stands like a beacon.

It was Louis Lefèvre-Utile, founder of the famous LU biscuit brand who commissioned the architect Auguste Bluysen in 1905 to design two ornate towers to signify the prosperity of his company. Only one was saved from demolition, and it now remains, with its magical allure, emblematic of the city. The rehabilitated building is, as its name indicates, unique. At once a café, bar, and restaurant, there is also a steam room, a cultural and artistic library, and concert, conference, and exhibition venues, as well as an artist residence. It is a place to share with friends and family, a place to read, discuss, cultivate, relax, and have fun. It is also possible to observe the city from the tower, as if from a lookout post.

Le Lieu Unique
Quai Ferdinand Favre
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 40 12 14 34