Le Chantilly, organic roast chicken straight back to childhood

Le Chantilly, organic roast chicken straight back to childhood

Le Chantilly inspires relaxation and laziness on the Place Puget, one of the prettiest squares in the pedestrian area of ​​Toulon.

Created by Michel Fassino (who was famous for his pastries and a real fan of Raimu as he fought for years for the city to pay proper tribute to the French actor) in the 1940s, this brasserie rivalled the very best Parisian addresses in terms of quality.

The decor is chic, with anise green velvet and gold mouldings, while large picture windows let in the bright light of the South. For those who prefer more privacy, the vintage atmosphere on the mezzanine is very cosy, with a retro feel.

The menu is attractive and promises perfectly cooked fresh food: spiced chicken skewers with mashed sweet and regular potato, salmon and chard lasagne, petits farcis (stuffed tomatoes, peppers and courgettes), chuck steak with house-made mash and a red wine sauce, and organic roast chicken served on vintage plates with an apple and potato mash.

Le Chantilly
15 place Pierre Puget
83000 Toulon

+33 (0)4 94 09 32 92


Menu: around 30 EUR