Le Cabestan: a Casa landmark

Le Cabestan: a Casa landmark

An iconic address for over 40 years, Le Cabestan is always a good bet. Whether for lunch, dinner, or drinks, the atmosphere is in full swing from morning to night.

Le Cabestan—or‘Cab' as the regulars like to call it—is known to all Casablancans. This is one of the city's hotspots. Nestled on the Corniche near the Hassan II Mosque and the lighthouse, this design restaurant offers spectacular ocean views. It is the perfect place for business lunches, dinners with friends, a drink at the lounge bar before dinner, or, after 11:00 p.m., dancing.

On the menu, southern French cuisine rules, with an emphasis on bounty from the sea: fish and seafood are served in all forms under the stewardship of chef Fabien Caboy. Steamed crayfish ravioli or bisque and lobster meat with foie gras are just some of the highlights, along with swordfish fillet, monkfish papillote, and duck breast. The choice is agonizingly hard... Inside or out, seats are hard to get, especially on weekends, so book in advance.

El Hank
90, boulevard de la Corniche
20000 Casablanca

+212 522 39 11 90


Menu: around 470 MAD