Lazing about in Rimini

Lazing about in Rimini

By train from Bologna, you can reach the sea in an hour. Rimini's beaches will warm your soul and so will the city beyond.

On the Adriatic shore, Rimini's fine sand beaches spread over 25 km. As time went by, the birthplace of filmmaker Federico Fellini changed a lot. Travellers come from all Europe to enjoy the regional climate and its seaside luxury hotels, as Rimini maintains its reputation as a warm, welcoming and festive city.

You will never be alone on the beach. Each stretch develops its own style, and whether club or family oriented, there will be something for you.

Behind the deckchairs and ice-cream dealers, the inner city reveals itself to be particularly authentic, as inhabitants managed to preserve the soul of the area. As an old Roman port, Rimini is full of historical monuments that bear witness to the glory of the ancient Empire. Do not miss the Bridge of Tiberus, the Arch of Augustus, the Roman Amphitheatre as well as the later Middle-Aged or Renaissance gems.

Rimini Tourist Office (Ufficio IAT Marina Centro)
Parco Federico Fellini 3
47921 Rimini

+39 054 151 441 / +39 054 153 399