Lan Xin Canting - in a Shanghainese home

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Lan Xin Canting - in a Shanghainese home

Gourmet happiness in this restaurant of savouries and sweets that make the taste buds sing.

In the former French Concession (1849 - 1946) with its tree-lined streets, there are still a few old, picturesque buildings among the offices, luxury hotels and residential buildings. Hidden in a tiny alleyway, this canteen is well known for its sweet and savoury compositions. It has no English menu, but photos and whatever your neighbour is eating will help you decide. Braised pork with green peppers, and steamed clams with shallots and ginger are stunning. Perfectly mastering superlative Cantonese family cooking is a couple of a certain age, who are completely unflustered by the crowd constantly at their door. If the wait is often long, patience is rewarded with the inexpensive menu and rare delicacies. The subtlety of their dim sum is the most tangible proof.

Lan Xin Canting
130 Jinxian Road
French Concession Lu Wan Qu
Shanghai ‎

+86 (0)21 6253 3554

Menu: around 60 CNY