LAB Terrace, a cocktail at twilight

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LAB Terrace, a cocktail at twilight

To admire the sunset over Ria Formosa, the rooftop of the LAB Terrace is unquestionably the best spot in Faro.

A stone's throw from Faro's old town, on the roof of the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve (Algarve Living Science Centre) hides a rooftop much prized by the Farenses. They even consider it “the” spot for admiring the sunset over Ria Formosa. But the LAB Terrace is not a laboratory in name only: from the vast terrace of this bar-restaurant, seated for dinner or on a deckchair with a drink in your hand, you can enjoy the last of the daylight while taking in a breathtaking panoramic view.

Cast an eye over the menu and choose from local beers, various wines from Silves or cocktails, such as the house speciality, the LAB by the Ria (triple sec, vodka, rum, gin, strawberry juice and lemon), best consumed in moderation. This magical moment is accompanied, some evenings, by an acoustic concert, to the sound of an acoustic guitar, in a peaceful, friendly atmosphere. Once night has fallen, a DJ takes up position behind the turntables, the tables are pushed back against the walls and the deckchairs folded away. A different atmosphere gets underway, to frenetic eighties beats or the latest hits. The party has only just begun!

LAB Terrace
Rua Comandante Francisco Manuel
8000-250 Faro

Tel : +351 919 224 112

Prices: drinks from 2.50 EUR