La Pirogue: an invitation to adventure

not to be missed
La Pirogue: an invitation to adventure

Tucked inside the Château Royal, La Pirogue's incredible seaside surroundings, and international-inspired food mean it really stands out from the crowd.

Somewhere between French gastronomy and local cuisine, the flavours at La Pirogue will take your palate on a journey round the world. Fish is prepared five different ways: as a curry, with Lifou vanilla, Provençal-style, with coconut milk and in a creamy sauce with smoked bacon. You just can't leave without trying the restaurant's must-have dessert: the “Barre Pirogue”, with a chocolate biscuit, marzipan, a cacao crisp, a milk foam and a pear sorbet. An absolute delight!
In terms of décor, the restaurant's garden is home to a real-life wooden canoe, which was brought over from Ouen Island. The interior designers, Patricia Charles and Eric Goron, designed the scene at the request of the owner, Pascal Lafleur: “The canoe represents a journey through Melanesia, and is made of wood to signify the deep-rootedness of the Melanesian identity,” Charles explains.

La Pirogue
140 promenade Roger Laroque

Tel : +687 23 01 10

Menu: around 2,850 XPF