La Picantería, the taste of sharing

La Picantería, the taste of sharing

Once forgotten, picanterías are reappearing in the streets of Lima. An opportunity to rediscover the true flavours of traditional Peruvian cuisine.

In 19th-century Peru, picanterías were neighbourhood restaurants where workers met up at lunchtime. Today, in the Surquillo de Lima district, chef Héctor Solís brings the tradition up to date with his restaurant La Picantería. The turquoise blue walls, wooden bar and two long tables covered in vinyl tablecloths encourage passing tourists to sit down side-by-side with locals.

The blackboard may have fish or seafood that you can try, depending on the catch of the day. On the menu today, sardines, crayfish and lobster. If you happen to prefer meat, opt for the duck ceviche, or the causa rellena, a traditional Peruvian dish with chicken, avocado and potatoes. Accompany your meal with a glass of chicha de jora, a typically Peruvian drink similar to beer.

La Picantería
Francisco Moreno 388
Esquina Con Cuadra 6 de Gonzales Prada
Lima 15047

+51 (0)1 241 6676

Menu: around 83 PEN