La Petite France: a charming neighbourhood right on the water

La Petite France: a charming neighbourhood right on the water

South of the ‘Grand Ile' is the most picturesque district of the old city, which was largely destroyed during the Second World War.

It took a great deal of restoration work to identically restore the area to its original character. Formerly, on this popular spot, which was alive at every moment of the day, the River Ill delta encouraged the building of mills and a maze of canals. Fishermen, millers, and tanners naturally chose to settle here.

To follow their history, venture out early some bright morning and take the narrow, cobbled streets that bear witness to their medieval origins: rue du Bain-aux-Plantes (plant-washing street), rue du Fosse des Tanneurs (tanners ditch street), rue des Moulins (mill street)…

Inherited from the past, this historic walk couldn't be more charming or picturesque, as you pass a number of winstubs (typical taverns) where wine flows freely antique dealers and galleries, small shops of artisans, heirs of an ancestral knowledge, and especially the remarkable half-timbered houses, vestiges of the 16th and 17th centuries, whose silhouettes are gracefully reflected in the water.

La Petite France
67000 Strasbourg