La N° 20 Polanco: a perfect place for a party

La N° 20 Polanco: a perfect place for a party

This Art Deco cantina mixes traditional music and delicious food.

There are always great people at No° 20 Polanco. Mexico City's crème de la crème come here, as well as politicians and show business celebrities. For starters, the music gets people dancing.

When you enter this sophisticated bar, it seems decidedly Parisian in style, with its old ballrooms and ceilings covered in Art Deco-style designs. But instantly, you will be drawn into a whirlpool of mariachis, music, and songs that will spark your soul.

In short, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of an authentic Mexican cantina. The No° 20 Polanco makes you feel like you have travelled back into the past for one memorable evening.

La N°20 Polanco
Calle Andrés Bello 10
Miguel Hidalgo
11560 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

+52 55 5281 3524

Menu: around 200 MXN