La Famille, locavore bistro with no fuzz

La Famille, locavore bistro with no fuzz

Near the Place des Poilus in Perpignan, La Famille restaurant takes you on a journey with its retro bistro looks and a menu based on local savoir-faire.

The first thing that springs to mind at La Famille restaurant in Perpignan is actually a smell. Delicious scents delicately permeate the air of the bistro to excite your senses. As soon as you walk in, other impressions take over: the retro decoration harks back to family houses, with old and slightly run-down concrete tiles, lush vegetation and small touch of kitsch elements to make the whole place somehow transgressive. Your ears will also be anticipating every small noise coming from the open kitchen, from delicate cooking sounds to uncorked bottles and glasses being filled to clink in harmony. Note that La Famille offers in that regard a wonderful wine selection.

Once you settle on your schoolboy chair, your sense of taste will take over; octopus, truffled mash, brine and velvet crab stew, prawns, fregola sarda, cranberry beans, thick slice of stone bass, turnips and broccoli and butter foam… Here, the trend is to eat locavore and, quite often, organic food. Indulge and enjoy.

La Famille
3 bis rue François-Marie Voltaire
66000 Perpignan

+33 (0)4 48 89 13 29

Menu: around 31 EUR