La Fama Barbecue: grilled meats have pride of place

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La Fama Barbecue: grilled meats have pride of place

A ‘BBQ' in the great American tradition, and a popular address for meat lovers.

Reflecting the taste of Bogotános for the North American diet, La Fama Barbecue, with its dominant meat menus, is emerging as one of the most fashionable addresses in Bogota.

The restaurant smells of organic meats, smoked for eight hours before being grilled, and has a burning desire to provide you with good products and new journeys in taste that rekindle the gustatory flame. On the menu you will find chicharrones (fried pork belly), chicken wings, a half-chicken slowly cooked on a barbecue or papas criollas (potato croquettes), all with homemade sauces, onions, and spicy sliced coleslaw. For a Colombian touch, choose the morillo or costillas steak, or delicious ribs. Great grilled meats indeed, but it is above all a quality product that the marinades or sauces do not hide, but enhance.

This is an urban barbecue that is never stingy with festive happenings.

La Fama Barbecue
Calle 65 Bis, #4-51

+57 (1) 644 77 66

Menu: from 46,000 COP