La Civelle: a chic ‘guinguette'

La Civelle: a chic ‘guinguette'

La Civelle is an institution for regular customers who get together for a break from the city at the water's edge of the small fishing village of Trentemoult.

The Civelle, (named after baby eels, Loire treasures that were still being fished a few years ago, not far from here) is a place that naturally encourages relaxation. The atmosphere is good humoured, and on sunny days you can sit on the terrace. Moreover, Trentemoult, this highly colourful village, is both trendy and popular, fashionable and casual. The clientele ranges from bourgeois families and businesspeople to artists living in the neighbourhood. A multitude of different personalities converge in this place away from conventions to enjoy quality cuisine, like traditional recipes of grilled fish and meat with great taste. For instance, taste the braised lamb shanks in dried fruits with white beans from Vendée, or a swordfish steak with spicy tomato combawa sauce and coconut rice curry.

There are four dining rooms and as many atmospheres, with the upstairs having a nice view of the Loire, even if it receives fewer regulars who spontaneously meet in the warmest room, which is the bar. The brasserie style cuisine is always perfect, and the fries too!

La Civelle
21 quai Marcel Boissard
44400 Trentemoult Rezé

+33 (0)2 40 75 46 60

Menu: around 40 EUR