La Cascade Blanche, Creole restaurant surrounded by nature

La Cascade Blanche, Creole restaurant surrounded by nature

At the entrance of the cirque de Salazie, La Cascade Blanche restaurant satisfies hikers with its family cooking over a wood fire.

The only road to access the cirque de Salazie and its many waterfalls, departmental road (RD) 48 is a must for all mountain aficionados. After the Escalier bridge which spans the Mât river, leave your car to visit the "cascade blanche", a 600m-high waterfall, which is very popular with canyoning enthusiasts. The hiking trail starts just behind the eponymous restaurant, a charming kiosk in the middle of nature. The establishment is flooded with the scent of Creole cuisine, where families and hikers gather at any time of the day. On the menu, you will find traditional dishes with a local twist using regional and seasonal products grown by local farmers. Taste the curried lobster tail, grilled fish with vanilla sauce and crispy gratin or the famous duck breast with honey, cooked over a wood fire. You can also order dishes to take away and enjoy them sitting on the grass, picnic-style with a superb view of the river below.

La Cascade Blanche
RD 48
3 place de l'Escalier
97433 Salazie

+262 (0)2 62 58 39 97

Menu: around 32 EUR