Must-try pizzas at L'Eau à la Bouche

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Must-try pizzas at L'Eau à la Bouche

Popular gourmet pizzeria in a typical house above the Corniche. You are in for a surprise!

Located on the Corniche promenade at the entrance to the cove of Malmouque, this charming pizzeria will seduce you with authenticity. Rodolphe Bodikian, a man of verve and vision, who makes unforgettable and original pizzas, runs this typical house no bigger than a small and colourful cabin where the food is, as the name suggests, 'mouth-watering'.

In just a few years, he has turned L'Eau à la Bouche into a true Marseille hot spot, and the best place for pizza in the entire city. The pizzas are original and unforgettable, with incredibly thin and crispy crusts and a particularly tasty tomato sauce – the flavours will take you around the world without you even having to leave your seat. From this delicately prepared base, the chef creates recipes that will please carnivores, vegetarians, and those who like to be surprised: Éducation nationale (French Ministry of National Education), Capucine, Francfort-Marseille (round trip)… all funny names for pizzas, but you can afford to be funny when they taste this good! You may even want to try a "West Indies" pizza with avocado, banana or peach (depending on the season), blood sausage and spicy oil! If you would like to finish with something sweet, take your pick between the homemade ice creams and sorbets or the seasonal fruit salads.

L'Eau à la Bouche
120 corniche du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy
13007 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 52 16 16

Menu: pizzas between 14.50 and 19 EUR