In the depths of the Budapest soul

unexpected exploration
In the depths of the Budapest soul

How about discovering the "Romantic" in a whole new light, a whole new night? Here is an unusual walk in the underground of Budapest.

In Budapest, you can see a forgotten labyrinth 10 to 15 metres under the Buda castle, a secret cave converted into a Catholic church years ago and winding rock mazes that are hundreds of thousands of years old. Renowned for its thermal baths, developed after the Ottoman presence in the 16th century, the city has other unique attractions to offer. Indeed, this beautiful cosmopolitan city also called the pearl of the Danube, conceals miles of spectacular underground stalagmites and stalactites, crystalline formations and pisolithic concretions.

In total, you will have the opportunity to visit nearly 200 small and large excavations. Steel and stone ladders facilitate exploration of the troglodyte church of Our Lady of the Hungarians, and the Pál-völgyi or Szemlő-hegyi caves. In any season, immerse yourself in a sensational speleological adventure and dive head first into the depths of Hungarian history.

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