Immersion in the Embera ways

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Immersion in the Embera ways

Discover Chagres National Park and its indigenous people in the village of Parara Puru.

The Embera indigenous community, from the province of Darien, live on the banks of the Chagres River. Of the seven tribes in Panama, they are among the most open to visitors.

As agriculture is no longer a possible source of income in this protected park, the Embara haveturned to ecotourism. Embark on a boat to reach the village of Parara Puru.

Its Noko (chief), Claudio Chami, and the villagers will welcome you in their traditional costumes, perform dances, and offer you a typical tattoo as well as some culinary specialities, while the women are sure to improvise a small craft market. While a little touristy, opening the village to foreigners is a good way for the Embera to preserve their lifestyle and ancestral traditions. You can also try your hand at tracking the 80 local animal and plant species that live in the park.

Chagres National Park
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