Immersed in history at Estói

Immersed in history at Estói

With the Roman ruins of the Villa de Milreu and the 19th‑century rococo palace, Estói transports you to a distant past.

Take a half-day to explore the village of Estói, about ten kilometres north of Faro. Easy to reach by car or bus, this little village has retained the charm of the authentic Algarve, with its lime-whitened buildings, its neoclassical church, the altars of which were built from the wood of old boats, and its supreme quiet when the sun is at its highest.

Then descend to this site's must-see monument: the Palace of Estói. Built in the 19th century, this unusual rococo palace is distinctive for its façades, which sport a superb pink colour. The inside of the monument is reserved for its residents - it has become a luxury hotel, the Pousada Palácio Estói, Small Luxury Hotel - but its gardens are open to the public. Admire the azulejos (faïence tiles) echoing the blue of the sea, then continue on your walk for another kilometre. You then plunge into another era with the Villa de Milreu, Roman ruins of unquestionable architectural interest. According to the latest scientific research, this villa is thought to have been first occupied in the 1st century A.D. Here you will discover Roman baths dating from the 4th century, traces of ancient temples and mosaics, which will delight history and archaeology enthusiasts.


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