Holy expedition on Mount Fuji

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Holy expedition on Mount Fuji

A Japanese national symbol, Mount Fuji is a dream come true with its bewildering mountain.

130 kilometres away from Tokyo, Mount Fuji uses its timeless beauty to increasingly attract more hikers who yearn to conquer it. Japan's highest peak at nearly 3,776 metres, the volcano is revered by all who live in the archipelago and consider it a sacred mountain – this national symbol has also been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2013.
Although it has not spit fire since 1707, the volcano is nevertheless feared by its most superstitious inhabitants, as it is officially still active. In the summer, some 200,000 climbers enjoy themselves wholeheartedly, climbing its pristine white summit, crowned with a crater about 500 metres in diameter. From above, enjoy a glorious panorama like no other. In winter, head down the slopes by skiing or snowboarding. For the less adventurous, the base of Mount Fuji also offers some memorable hikes in the “Five Lakes” region, filled with magnificent caves and waterfalls.

Mount Fuji
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