High-end tapas at La Castela

tapas bar
High-end tapas at La Castela

A short walk from Parque del Retiro, La Castela offers a culinary rediscovery of local tapas.

Since 1929, La Castela has maintained the profile of an old tavern of yesteryear with its zinc counter, stuccoed kitchen shelves and suspended mirrors, down to one detail-the famous tapas. Here you will discover updated and upscale versions of these traditional Spanish dishes, attracting a fine crowd of food lovers – including Barack and Michelle Obama. In a typical Madrid atmosphere of tapas bars in the region, sit at the counter or in the back room to enjoy your meal.

Order some of these delicious tapas with your drinks. You will not be able to do without cured beef ham à la León, salted tuna fillets with almonds, and giant red shrimp croquetes, while sipping a nice glass of Castilian wine. For the most insatiable among you, the menu also offers a wide selection of fish and meat.

La Castela
Calle Doctor Castelo 22
28009 Madrid

+34 915 740 015 / +34 915 735 590


Menu: around 25 EUR