Helen Greek, a tasty trip to Mount Olympus

greek cuisine
Helen Greek, a tasty trip to Mount Olympus

In the heart of Houston, this restaurant offers Greek wine and food in a warm, family atmosphere.

Filotimo is a Greek word that means “doing well”, all the while taking care of one's neighbour. This is the credo adopted by the smiling team at Helen Greek Food and Wine, always at your service. The red brick walls, mirrors and high ceilings make you think of an authentic tavern where the spirit of Greek gods still lingers. Here, traditional recipes are based on local products sourced from the Gulf of Mexico. On the menu, you'll find vegetable and cheese tarts, marinated anchovies and grilled cauliflower with sesame lemon sauce.
The selection of wines, also Hellenic, is truly impressive. The menu opens with two quotations: one from Greek author Homer, the other from cartoon star Homer Simpson, each praising in its own way the merits of the nectar of the gods. If you do not know what to choose, the staff will advise you on the perfect wine that best suits your dish.

Helen Greek Food and Wine
2429 Rice Boulevard
Houston, TX 77005

+1 832-831-7133


Menu: around 30 USD