Hearing the echoes of the Valley of Dana

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Hearing the echoes of the Valley of Dana

Some 60 kilometres from Petra, a small stony village seems to have been set on the hills of the Jordanian Rift Valley.

Perched on its rocky spur, the village of Dana is one of the most beautiful sites on the King's Road, the ancestral route taken by Moses after crossing the Sinai, perhaps followed by the three Magi as well. Three hours from the capital, small stone houses border a sumptuous reserve that abounds in natural and archaeological treasures over more than 300 sq km. Campers, hikers and adventurers, grab your shoes and tents!

The Dana region stretches from the Dead Sea to Wadi Araba and is home to nearly 600 varieties of plants and 300 animal species in a light-filled setting of valleys and mountains. The nature reserve enjoys an exceptional diversity of landscapes populated by mammals and birds hidden in wooded plains and sand dunes. Along canyons and trails, explore by driving, walking or floating at your own pace, from Rummana Mountain to the archaeological ruins of Feynan.