Grünerløkka and Grønland: explore Oslo's alternative neighbourhoods

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Grünerløkka and Grønland: explore Oslo's alternative neighbourhoods

Far from the peaceful and classic Oslo you may know, explore the city's underground, between Brooklyn-like Grünerløkka and multicultural Grønland.

Characterised by the flow of the Akerselva river, Grünerløkka takes visitors thousands of miles from Oslo with its typical Brooklyn atmosphere. Very much like the New York borough, it has been an attractive location for all vintage lovers, who walk up and down Markveien street and visit its retro thrift shops. Have a coffee on Olaf Ryes square and get a whiff of the neighbourhood's lingering spirit, across from the Parkteatret, Norway's very first movie theatre opened in 1907. Take a trip to one of the several nearby parks crossed by the river which forms waterfalls at certain points. Follow it downstream until you can smell the aroma of various spices. Then you will know you have arrived in Grønland, Oslo's multicultural district, where exotic and traditional restaurants coexist. This is where the foundations of the capital were built, around year 1000. Some ruins can still be seen near the Saint Olav monastery (13th century). A thousand years later, it has become a trendy spot, conceived around Oslo Mekaniske Verksted as a focal point. This former mechanical equipment factory has been converted into a lively hub that welcomes a theatre and a bohemian-looking bar, where the local and trendy youth likes to gather. A true must to get a real feel of the city!

0552 Oslo

Olaf Ryes plass 11
0552 Oslo
Tel : +47 223 56 300

Olso Mekaniske Verksted
Tøyenbekken 34
0188 Oslo
Tel : +47 452 37 534

Monastère Saint-Olav (St. Olav Katolske Domkirkemenighet)
Akersveien 1
0192 Oslo