Grand-Case: a gourmet paradise

local cuisine
Grand-Case: a gourmet paradise

The second largest French village after Marigot is also one of the most picturesque on the island.

Thanks to its colourful wooden cottages and lush green hills, Grand-Case is a most enjoyable and authentic place to visit. This is also where you will find the best local cuisine. Dozens of lolos, traditional variants on greasy spoon cafés, are strung along the main street. These are unpretentious but superb eateries, with food served on picnic tables on paper plates, and the air redolent with the aromas of smoking barbecues.

These open-air stands serve grilled ribs, a specialty of Saint Martin, and chicken, which you eat with your fingers. Each week, Les Mardis de Grand-Case (Grand-Case Tuesdays) are an opportunity for residents and visitors to gather around an event that highlights some of the key features of the island: its culture, local crafts, art, French cuisine, Caribbean flavours, and much more, all served up with a side of jazz and Caribbean bands.

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