Gourmet Houston

Gourmet Houston

The Houston Culinary Tour calls for an alternative visit of the city, accompanied by a restaurant chef.

The streets of Houston are riddled with thousands of restaurants, from now famous food trucks to gourmet restaurants run by the greatest chefs. The city's cultural melting pot gives visitors an almost endless choice of food, from steakhouses to seafood restaurants and Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and French specialities…

Gastronomy is a reflection of the Houston population, multiple and mixed. It is possible to discover each district of the city while doing a gourmet tour, going for architectural and cultural points of interest while making a few stops in some of the must-go-to restaurants, markets and bars the metropolis has to offer. Among the different tours available, we would recommend the Downtown Food Tour, the Montrose Food Tour and the Height Food Tour. Some chefs also offer thematic tours, based on chocolate products, or woman-run establishments for instance.