Gertie, eat in or take away?

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Gertie, eat in or take away?

Take time out to savour the mouth-watering offerings at Gertie!

If you have a penchant for insta-worthy plates, be sure to include Gertie on your itinerary! This temple of tasty food sets out to conquer not just your taste buds and nose. Gertie serves up a feast for the eyes, too. Whether you are eating in or taking away, there are plenty of delicious surprises on the menu that look as good as they taste.

The founder of Gertie is Nate Adler, who is also a managing partner of Huertas, an East Village restaurant which specialises in Basque-inspired dishes. At his new eatery in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighbourhood, the star of the show is the bialy, a small roll similar to a bagel, filled with onion, garlic, and poppy seeds.

Seated in a wide-open space with pastel walls and light wooden counters, order a sweet or savoury breakfast, linger over lunch or tuck into dinner. Start your day with a bialy packed with smoked salmon and cream cheese with shallots and green tomatoes, or finish it on a high, by ordering duck pie with rocket and Italian vinaigrette. And of course, you simply must have that last piece of apple and rhubarb tart for the road…


57 Grand Street
New York, NY 11211

+1 718 636 0902

https ://

Prices: around 18 USD