Garibaldi, the Gold Rush in Vancouver

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Garibaldi, the Gold Rush in Vancouver

A few miles from Vancouver, the 8,786-feet high Mount Garibaldi stands proud and fierce. Rendez-vous at the heart of the eponymous park.

Whereas in the mid-19th century pioneers and gold miners were rushing towards the Fraser River area, the path of today's explorers now forks toward Garibaldi Provincial Park for recreation. Founded in 1927, the park has steep mountains and rolling meadows and is covered with western hemlocks and giant cedars. Intrepid mountaineers and hikers come here to face the purest treasures that nature has graciously offered to man to date, provided he respects nature as in the cultural traditions of the Salish tribe.
Mount Garibaldi, thus named in 1860 by Captain George Henry Richards who led the HMS Plumper exploration vessel, tests the spirits and bodies of sportsmen, while the lake of the same name stretches its sparkling reflections between “The Table”, Atwell Peak and Dalton Dome. Calm and relaxed, follow the hiking trail to reach Panorama Ridge and stop off at the periwinkle waters of Wedgemount Lake.

Garibaldi Provincial Park
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