Gallo-Roman history in Lescar

medieval city
Gallo-Roman history in Lescar

Just 20 minutes from Pau, explore this medieval city, a wonderful remnant of ancient times.

The first traces of human presence in the town of Lescar - formerly known as "Beneharnum" - date back to 2005 B.C. The city was built by Romans then destroyed by the Normans. It was only after its reconstruction that the town adopted its current name. Stroll through the city, as you will discover Gallo-Roman treasures on every street corner. On the west side, the Esquirette Gate, once one of the main entrances, is still standing. Further south, several flights of stairs will lead you to the ramparts and presbytery tower. Listed as a historic monument since 1840, the Notre Dame de l'Assomption Cathedral is one of Lescar's landmarks. It houses the mysterious mosaic of the "little Moorish hunter", a hunting scene created between 1120 and 1141 for which is it renowned, as well as the sepulchre of the kings of Navarre, including that of Henri IV's grandfather.

Further along your way, you will come face to face with Saint Julien Church, the patron saint of the city, another symbolic place.

Medieval City
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