Frank Gehry's incredible Biomuseo

Frank Gehry's incredible Biomuseo

The star architect has created a museum dedicated to biodiversity in order to raise awareness of preservation issues.

This odd-looking, multi-coloured, and extremely popular museum opened in 2014 at the entrance of the canal, in a former militarised zone. Like all buildings by the Canadian-American architect, to whom we owe, among others, the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, its creation was a celebrated event, especially since it was and still is the first Frank Gehry building in Latin America.

The exterior is enigmatic, but the interior is pedagogical and didactic. You'll discover how, some three million years ago, the formation of the Isthmus of Panama generated climate change that caused Africa's forests to turn into savannahs. The eight rooms dedicated to biodiversity entice visitors to become aware of the need and urgency to preserve the environment. The educational approach is orchestrated brilliantly and is also great fun.

The public park outside the museum is filled with native species of trees and plants, giving visitors a sneak preview of the incredible diversity inside this eco-tourist destination.

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Calzada de Amador

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