Food break in blue waters

Food break in blue waters

For lovers of big spaces, take a seat at the Alphonse Island Resort for a lunch by the water.

More than a mere gastronomic experience, your excursion to this gorgeous islet will reveal to be magical and unique. Most preserved from any other human activity, this tiny bit of land showcases luxurious tropical vegetation. Installed at nice round table by the lagoon, you'll be delighted with all the fresh products used in your meal!
Produce is grown and harvested on site, fish and seafood caught locally and everything is brought together to provide you with a truly fantastic moment. The clear waters that lick your legs will cool you off as a parasol offers a temporary protection from the sun. Add to this excursion in heaven (only one hour away from Mahé) and partake in the snorkelling sessions that are also regularly organised.

Alphonse Island Resort
Alphonse Island

+27 21 556 5763

Menu: around 950 SCR