F5 Concept Store, the best of Norwegian fashion

F5 Concept Store, the best of Norwegian fashion

With its 100% Norwegian selection, this concept store dedicated to men's and women's clothing, was designed for fashion lovers.

Oslo stands out for its global open-mindedness by anticipating the next new thing. Influenced by a bohemian touch, the city is nestled with original shops up to date with the latest trends. The F5 Concept Store perfectly illustrates the Norwegians' appetite for design from every angle, especially fashion.

Founded by brothers Emil and Benjamin Marthinsen, themselves designers, F5 sees itself as a showcase of the cutting-edge creativity of the Norwegian connection. From simple cuts in beautiful materials, style and functionality are the hallmarks of its pursuit of excellence. Moiré, F5, Catherine Hammel, SOSTER STUDIO; the constantly renewed selection will not fail to surprise you! The myriad of designers displayed there are exclusively from the finest of Norwegian fashion.

Give into your shopping desires in their beautiful, refined space, which can be visited like a contemporary art gallery.

F5 Concept Store
Prinsens gate 6
0152 Oslo

+47 941 19 317